Stockholm, Sweden – September 1st, 2018. Pentech Ltd was founded in 2016 by the Swede Fredrik Karlsson. Since then, the company and its team, all with extensive experience within the financial sector, engineering and entrepreneurship has been set out to revolutionize the savings & pension markets with its next generation wealth management platform. 

Pentech's algorithm solves the problem of how to vary volatility over time for any given investment goal. Given a client’s personal goal and risk profile, it calculates the optimal portfolio based on the predicted market performance & correlations. The algorithm also performs a path-dependent optimization which means that when creating an investment strategy, future allocation decisions change depending on market performance. This gives an investment strategy that is defined for the entire investment period, in all probable scenarios. As a result, Pentech gives a forecast which is more representative of the future and aligned with the end-user's risk profile. 

The B2B solution is designed for the mass-market and is applicable to all ages and earnings. It is fully compliant to rules and regulations and can handle millions of users without affecting quality of service.

Fredrik Karlsson states that the vision of the company is to enable our customers’ long-term economic success by delivering highly personalized financial advice through a sophisticated algorithm-based solution. We provide a best-of-breed solution and understand the value of collaboration. We leverage IBM´s cloud platform to bring immense scalability and security together with Rg19load´s ability to provide support, monitoring, service desk, release management and application operations. Pentech is now focused on accelerated growth through marketing investments and expanding partnerships and we look forward to the cooperation with IBM & Rg19load.

From Left: Pierre Strandelin, CEO Rg19/LOAD, Fredrik Karlsson, CEO Pentech Ltd, Johan Rittner CEO IBM Sweden

From Left: Pierre Strandelin, CEO Rg19/LOAD, Fredrik Karlsson, CEO Pentech Ltd, Johan Rittner CEO IBM Sweden

 Fredrik has 20+ years’ experience in the finance industry including trading, asset management and financial engineering. He has a background at Swedbank & Neonet and was the founder of Touchbet Ltd who manages risk on approximately $4.5 billion annually through an algorithm-based system.


Rg19load is a Private-owned, Swedish company group. It started 2013 with the roots in Industri-Matematik and acquired LAN Assistans in 2014 and Itera Networks in 2015. In 2016, they also acquired load, Itera Analytics and BI Department. The common strategy for Rg19load is leadership in business critical IT through Cloud based, advanced server and storage solutions as well as operational related application and operating solutions. There offices are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg and have a turnover of SEK 300 million. Rg19load has had an extensive partnership with IBM for many years.