Pentech Ltd are proud to announce a new agreement with Rg19 who are experts in high-end IT infrastructure and logistical flows. 

The partnership includes the deliverance of capacity, security and operation services to Pentech. These services consist of IBM cloud services and a selection of services from Rg19’s own product catalogue, including: 

  • Service-desk

  • 24/7 on-call service

  • Advanced monitoring of platform, databases and other business processes.

  • Security services, including:

◦     Risk analysis

◦     Vulnerability analysis

◦     Firewall services

  • Application operations

  • VPN functions

  • Cloud & Transformation

The purpose of the partnership is to secure high accessibility, stable operations, continuous adaptation to changes in capacity requirements and to assure high security for Pentech’s clients within the banking & financial services industry. 

Fredrik Karlsson, CEO Pentech, stated that they are very excited with the Rg19 partnership - recognized as the number one choice for accessibility, performance and security when the requirements are extremely high and IT business critical. We look forward working with Rg19 to assure high security and availability for our clients. 

Pierre Strandelin, CEO Rg19, stated that they are continuously working to increase automatization and standardization and helping their clients transition from traditional operations to cloud based operations. We have established a great partnership with Pentech and are excited to have a client that is at the forefront of wealth management. Pentech recognises our strong client base within the fintech industry and we look forward to achieve great success together. 

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