Advanced Advisor

Market vertical: Investment Professionals

Our High-precision advisory offers personalized, goal-based advice visualizing individual life-time investment, risk-level and possible deficit/surplus scenarios giving full control over portfolio allocation and investment opportunities at all stages of the investment.

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Robo Advisor

Market vertical: Mass-market

Our Robo-advisory is available for white-labelling. It is based around our patented investment algorithm and provides consistent and objective financial advice, adjusting allocations in real-time for changes in market conditions allowing sign off on predetermined investment plan for investors at all wealth levels. 

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Path-dependent optimizer

Our patented Path-dependent Optimization Model takes into account all future probable scenarios giving a more accurate and just interpretation of the future. It is set to adjust allocations in real-time for changes in market conditions and personal circumstances, enabling complete allocation control and market navigation.

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Risk profile & compliance

The Risk profile & Compliance capabilities offer a tailored and comprehensive risk profile that is at all times compliant with rules and regulations. The framework is set to handle current and future rules & regulations leading to increased efficiency and reduced cost of compliance.

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